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“Sell that slow and old laptop and get paid instantly. No sham. No scam. 100% authenticity!”

Fill out the form and send it to us. We provide a quote within 30 minutes. You choose your payment option and instantly get the cash in your wallet.

You just have to send a good-quality image of the laptop and its specifications.

Factory reset is the best way to erase your data before selling your laptop. The most basic form of resetting the laptop is as follows: Go to settings > Security > Recovery > Factory Reset.

Once your laptop is sold, you will receive payment within 1-3 days. We offer flexible payment methods, including PayPal, deposits, store credits, etc.

You can sell your laptop through RecyclePro. RecyclePro is a platform where you can easily sell old and used laptops.

Recycling your laptop is the best option to reduce waste. Kindly mention the condition in the form honestly.