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About Recylce Pro

It was obvious that a comprehensive and integrated IT disposal solution would be needed in today's ever-evolving and progressive society. Recycle Pro provides a cohesive method for the ethical disposal of obsolete IT equipment and assets in order to meet the demand for an all-inclusive and completely integrated IT disposal solution in the most ecologically conscious manner. Our unique IT management services take care of everything; from collecting to moving and repurposing, we handle every step of the process with care to remove and dispose of IT hardware in the safest possible way without harming the environment.

We take the hassle out of having a clear out and make selling your stuff easy. It’s simple: get an instant price for your items, pop all of your stuff into a box and send it for FREE!

If you choose to get paid by bank transfer or PayPal, we'll pay you with in same day after we have received your items and your cash will be ready to spend the day after or you can donate your money to your favourite charity.

What's Our Process?

Pack it

Securely place your device in a box and attach the free shipping label.

Post it

Take the package to your nearest post office and get a receipt or book a collection.

You are already paid

As soon as we receive your device, money will be in your account even before you know it.