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Selling Laptops Online: The Dos and Don'ts for a Smooth Transaction

Post Date: 07-Mar-2024


Are you selling your old laptop online for the first time? Many first-timers make some grave mistakes, resulting in getting peanuts for their laptops. But there is a way to escape the matrix and successfully sell your laptop in one attempt. We have an array of do’s and don’ts guidelines for a smooth transaction. 

Things to consider before selling a laptop

Laptops are our assets, and we can make money out of them even if they are not working perfectly. The most important part of selling a laptop includes the preparation of listing to upload on the website. However, some preparations prior to the listing upload can greatly increase the price of the laptop and build trust on both sides. These are the steps you can consider to make the most buck out of your old laptop or MacBook.  

 Prepare your laptop

Prepping the laptop is the first step. Once you decide to sell your old laptop, remove personal information and wipe out the data. Numerous apps are available online to help in data removal and backup on Windows for laptops and MacOS for MacBooks. It is the most crucial step to secure your data. 

 On the other hand, it is equally important to clean the laptop’s parts to make it look presentable—the cleaner and better-looking laptop, the higher the price. So ensure the keyboards, touchpad, and other visible areas are adequately cleaned. 

 Do your research

In today’s world of websites, finding the best one to sell your laptop is tough. It is wiser to research and search trustworthy websites to avoid getting scammed. Apart from that, everyone prefers to sell your laptop on a website known for its fair pricing. Always look for reviews and other factors, including the freedom to choose a payment method, excellent communication and inspection team, and response time before finalising. 

Take HD pictures

Images can sometimes make or break the game. A good quality image can amplify the price of the laptop even if it lacks some specifications. Take high-quality pictures before beginning the listing process to see the difference they make. 

Determine the shipping method 

Before uploading the listing, search for the best shipping method. Most courier services offer laptop shipping. The shipping method has to be swift and safe. Another important aspect is packing the laptop in a safe box filled with bubbles or foams to ensure safety of the gadget. Laptops and MacBooks are susceptible to damage during transit, so it is advised to pack it separately and properly.  

Avoid these mistakes while selling laptops

Selling a laptop online is convenient, and many brands give great offers. Your listing has to be perfect if you want to get good qoutes. There is no need to be nervous — just be careful and honest in the listing. These are the big no-nos when listing your laptop for the best buck. 

Do not omit details of the laptop

Most companies, including ours, appreciate honesty and expect seller transparency. First, you should never omit any crucial details about the laptop. It can disrupt and sabotage the selling procedure. The best option is to write explicitly all the details about the specifications, model, generation, condition (both physical and internal) and defects, if any, in the form. This step will speed up the process and help the inspection team respond with a more fair quote. 

Do not sell individual parts or incomplete laptops

Selling individual components is not recommended, as many websites do not promote the listing or buy them. On the other hand, selling incomplete laptops is considered unethical and immoral. Intentionally keeping the adaptor, battery or any other part of the laptop is frowned upon and not appreciated. These practices can result in getting banned from the websites. 

Do not set an unrealistic price

Everyone wants to earn extra money, but overpricing the laptop will sabotage the selling process. Most companies, like us, have experts reviewing every listing who offer reasonable prices to every customer. When selling a MacBook or laptop, the ideal condition is to set a slightly higher price and let experts review it. Do not expect millions for the stuff worth 50 sterlings. Be realistic!

 All these dos and don'ts mention some of the most overlooked and crucial steps while listing a laptop or MacBook. You need a trustworthy agent if you are looking for a smooth transaction. You can fill out the form on our website,, get in touch with our expert tech reviewer,, and get a fair evaluation today.