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What Our Customers Say: iPhone 14 to iPhone 15 Upgrade Experiences

Post Date: 25-Apr-2024

Upgrading from iPhone 14 to iPhone 15 is a tricky choice. While it is a terrific upgrade, many people want to know whether it is worth the money. Both phones are identical, with minimal differences. Many customers say the shape is so similar that it is nearly impossible to differentiate between them just by looking. 


This article will discuss the major differences between the two phones and what our customers say about the upgrade experience from iPhone 14 to iPhone 15. So, is the upgrade worth it?


We can differentiate between iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 based on physical appearance and specifications. After using the iPhone 15 for a week, our customers review iPhone 14 to iPhone 15 without bias. So, let’s find out what they say!

Comparing iPhone 14 with iPhone 15

Both phones have a panel of 6.1 inches, but the iPhone 15 has a slightly better screen-to-body ratio, around 86.4%. The iPhone 15 weighs 171 grams, and the iPhone 14 weighs 172 grams. The iPhone 15 has an aluminum glass back infused with color, while the iPhone 14 has one without color infusion. This difference does not bother most customers, but it is well-received. 

Major differences between iPhone 14 and iPhone 15

The only major difference between both iPhones is the iPhone 15’s Dynamic Island. Previously, Dynamic Island was only available for iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, but now the iPhone 15 has it too. Dynamic Island is much-loved by our customers. 


Our customers, who upgraded from iPhone 14 to iPhone 15, love this feature for its convenience. It displays important notifications, and they love the part where they can expand the notification by pressing it down. It prevents users from flipping between the apps to determine what is happening.  


Another major difference that our customers adore is the addition of USB-C. It frees them from the hassle of carrying multiple chargers. Moreover, the iPhone 15’s upgraded camera takes more detailed photos, which has helped our customers a lot in the world of social media and regular posting. Now, they can take high-quality shots without using multiple gears.

Customer satisfaction with the iPhone 15 upgrade

iPhone 15 has extraordinary features, including a high-quality camera, which speaks to its prestige. Since there is little difference in general performance, many users hold off on upgrading further. Nevertheless, if you are planning to upgrade to the iPhone 15 and are not willing to spend your fortune, check out the exclusive deals to avail of great discounts.