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Maximising Your Trade-In: iPhone 14 to iPhone 15 Upgrade

Post Date: 25-Mar-2024

Everyone wants the new and updated iPhone 15. The sleek, stylish design, the best camera, and the features entice everyone. You can also upgrade to a better phone in exchange for your old Apple phone. Many users trade in their old iPhones to upgrade to new ones. It is a great way to sell your existing iPhone and use that amount as a credit to buy the other one. Apple users appreciate the trade-in programs as they symbolise convenience and offset the cost of a new iPhone. 


When is the best time to maximise your iPhone 14 trade-in value? Let’s find out.

What is the best time to trade an iPhone?

Data analysts say the best time to sell or upgrade an iPhone is a month before the new model launches. For instance, people who want to buy a newer iPhone will sell the old model online at a significantly lower price before the launch. It gives an edge to Apple users who opt to trade in their old iPhone models to upgrade. 


Since the iPhone 16 will likely launch in September, many users will sell their iPhone 15 to upgrade. As the price of the iPhone 14 has already depreciated, the price of the iPhone 15 will see a more considerable drop before the release of the new phone. 


According to a study, iPhone 14 Pro trade-in prices in the UK fell by £102 after the iPhone 15 release date. So, the best time to upgrade an iPhone is possibly four weeks ahead of a new iPhone.

Where can you get the best trade-in deals?

There is a plethora of exclusive iPhone trade-in deals online, but the most challenging part is finding legitimate ones. Since the iPhone 16 is not yet available, Apple users can only avail of the trade-in deals for the iPhone 15. Apple also has a website where users can get iPhone 14 trade-in value, but it is not the best value. The website offers historically poor compared to other trade-in websites. Therefore, always look for websites with the best prices and honour the trade-in value. 


The iPhone 15 is indeed one of Apple's best models. Professionals are replacing some of their gear by choosing the iPhone 15. Getting the best trade-in value is a tricky dance. Sellers and traders who ace the timings attain decent deals and save significantly.