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Why Is Secure E Waste Management Necessary?

Why Is Secure E Waste Management Necessary?

Posted By Admin 21/01/2022

The lifespan of your IT assets, particularly your hardware, is finite. You'll have to decommission them and buy fresh hardware at some point. But what happens to the old equipment? Simply discarding a computer isn't enough; you must guarantee that all data has been erased before discarding it. There are significant security issues to think about.

In this post, we'll look at e-waste management, which is the process of properly and securely disposing of IT assets, and see what it entails and why it's important.

What Is E-Waste Management and How Does It Work?

E-waste management refers to the secure and environmentally responsible disposal of IT assets. IT hardware (such as mobile devices, laptops, and desktops) contains components that, if exposed to air, might be harmful. As a result, it's vital to get rid of them in a secure manner.

Furthermore, hardware may hold critical information. You don't want your confidential data to fall into the wrong hands. Companies must remove data (a process called as data destruction or data sanitization) to ensure that it is no longer vulnerable.

Why Is E-Management Important?

    • Your IT department lacks the tools necessary to effectively do this job.

    • Ineffective e-waste management techniques can lead to data breaches

    • Companies that fail to securely destroy their data will be refused  government,defense and intelligence agency cooperation

    • Respect regulations

Your IT department lacks the necessary tools to effectively manage e-waste.

IT teams lack the necessary tools to effectively manage waste. Wiping a disc or device is their go-to method. While wiping can get rid of a lot of data, it won't get rid of everything.

According to a Blancco Technology Group analysis, 11 percent of 200 discarded hard drives still had company data on them. That implies you're vulnerable to a cyber assault if you still have data — any data. This leads us to our next point...

E-Waste Management Techniques That Aren't Working Make a list of potential data breaches.

When we hear the words "data breach," we often imagine hackers crouched over their computers in dark rooms. While data breaches are frequently caused by hackers breaching networks, the impact of physical theft on cybersecurity should not be overlooked.

Theft can be common if e-waste handling isn't secure. Electronics are the world's sixth most stolen item. Two-thirds of electronic theft occurs while the electronics are in transit, and 11% occurs while the gadgets are at the warehouse waiting to be disposed of.

According to a 2018 research, ignorance is responsible for a quarter of all data breaches. Data breaches are costly for businesses; each stolen record costs $150. Companies may incur regulatory fines (at the municipal, state, and federal levels) as well as reputational damage. No one wants to do business with a firm that doesn't take security seriously.

Government, Defence, and Intelligence Agencies Will Refuse to Collaborate With You

You're stating you're unwilling to do business with businesses in highly regulated areas like government, defence, and intelligence by not engaging in proper e-waste management.

These businesses are bound by rigorous laws regarding who they may do business with and under what conditions they can do business. That implies they require confidence that IT assets will not be disposed of in a way that compromises sensitive data. Governments, defence, and intelligence agencies all want a certificate from your e-waste disposal company to verify that all data has been wiped entirely.

Observance of regulations

Even if you don't conduct business with governments or defence and intelligence agencies, you may be in an industry where information management and destruction are regulated. If you don't properly dispose of e-waste, you might face significant financial penalties. Furthermore, your reputation will be harmed as a result of your failure to follow the rules.

Working with a professional e-waste management company guarantees that you've followed the rules. You can give a certificate to your compliance manager saying that the equipment and data were properly disposed of.

Work with Recycle Pro

When e-waste management is done correctly, data destruction compliance criteria is met. Recycle Pro provides clients with e-waste management services that include data destruction certifications, ensuring total data protection. We shred hard drives and other electronics down to their bare metal so that they may be reforged into fully new devices; we don't merely erase hard drives and resell them with secret