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What's the point of shredding a cell phone?

Posted By Admin 28/03/2022

Our lives have become increasingly reliant on mobile phones. In 2018, 96 percent of the population of the United Kingdom used a cellphone on a daily basis. Between 2011 and 2019, it is expected that 52 million iPhones were sold. People keep their phones for an average of two years before upgrading to a newer model. According to the most recent UK phone recycling statistics, only about 46% of users recycle their phones. This includes using, giving away, or recycling your phone.


This rapid turnaround generates a significant volume of superfluous material.


So, what can you do with your phone if it's old, broken, or you don't need it anymore? When it comes to getting rid of a cell phone, you have a few options. One method is to shred a cell phone.


What is the point of shredding a cellphone?


Personal and sensitive information is stored on mobile phones. To avoid putting your personal information at risk, they should be treated with care.


Data Security


The most important reason to burn corporate mobile phones is for data security. Due to the data saved on phones that have been used for business reasons, corporations cannot risk reusing them. Mobile phones and tablets should be shredded as part of your data security policy.


Obsolete Technology


If it's outmoded or too old to be compatible with modern software, shredding is your only alternative. Newer technology is being developed all the time. Older versions, such as Blackberry, may have been phased out or are no longer supported.


Shredding and recycling


You might think shredding a phone is a drastic move, but it's the most efficient way to segregate things into several categories before recycling. A mobile phone can be recovered and recycled to the tune of 80%. The shredding process removes the metals from the plastics and divides them into recyclable categories. Many precious metals, such as gold, platinum, silver, and copper, can be easily recycled and reused in phones. Recycling eliminates the need to dig for raw materials and the risk of harmful compounds leaking into the ground and water supplies. To assist combat the exponential rise in e-waste, it makes sense to reuse metals and polymers.


The procedure for shredding is straightforward:


Prior to destroying the handset, the SIM card or memory card is removed and separated.

The battery must be removed since lithium batteries contain toxic compounds that cannot be shredded.

Shred the phone as well as the SIM/memory card to verify that all data is deleted.

We may provide you with proof of your phone's destruction by issuing a Certificate of Destruction.


It is critical to remove the batteries.


Before turning in your phone for shredding, remember to remove the battery. Lithium batteries should never be shredded since they can cause a fire. Batteries should be disposed of safely at your local recycling centre.


How can The Recycle Pro assist you?


The Recycle Pro is completely prepared to handle all of your cell phone shredding needs. For added data security, we can even trash your cell phones on-site.