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These Are The Four Reasons Why People Do Not Recycle Electronics... And Why Should They?

Posted By Admin 28/03/2022

When your company's IT equipment reaches its "use by" date, it's time to think about recycling it while investing in new technology. Despite the fact that asset recycling is good for the environment, UK’s landfills continue to accumulate thousands of tonnes of electronic garbage (E-waste) year after year.


We constantly hear people make excuses for why they don't need to recycle their older IT equipment, and the team at Recycle Pro is here to demonstrate why these just don't hold water. Prepare to get your mind altered if you've made any of these remarks in the past!


Recycling isn't beneficial to me.


Apart from the environmental advantages of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, recycling your electronics with Recycle Pro can also save you money. Our value recovery programme enables facilities like yours to receive a return on their obsolete equipment in the form of cash.


Our disposal method allows you to see the desired return on investment (ROI), which improves your budget and increases gross sales. When you sell your retired equipment through our programme, you will receive the greatest possible payment.


It's Too Expensive to Transport My Electronics


Do you think you have too much office equipment to bring to a recycling site near you? Recycle Pro provides a solution for you once more. We provide white-glove service, which means that our crew will acquire the equipment for disposal, prepare it for transit, and return it to our facility for processing.


I am capable of destroying data on my own.


You're misguided if you think a hammer or other type of brute force would keep your company safe from a data intrusion. Yes, destroying a hard drive prevents it from being used, but the data remains, and a competent hacker will gladly take the time to collect the data from your do-it-yourself data destruction attempt.


You may save your facilities hundreds of dollars in possible damages by recycling your outdated gadgets with Recycle Pro's data deletion services. Our on-site shredder is equipped to handle large amounts of data and ensures that your information is completely destroyed.


I might be able to use some of the components later…


The chances of you going back to the old equipment you've put away after your devices' warranty expires in 3-5 years and a refresh has occurred are slim to none. If you believe the equipment will be valuable to future users, we encourage you to sell it to us. We specialise in reconditioning used equipment and will compensate you for assisting us in reducing e-waste generated by computers and electronics that have been left to rot in storage.


Stop making excuses that are harmful to the environment and ultimately cost you money! Allow Recycle Pro to assist you with unloading large amounts of equipment from your business, government building, or school district. We can handle almost any piece of equipment that comes our way and are prepared to provide our reliable services. To begin the process, please contact us immediately.