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How to maintain your mobile phone

How to maintain your mobile phone

Posted By Admin 24/09/2019

1. Update your Android
You should update your phone to the latest firmware. Google brings great improvements to each new release of the Android operating system, including updates that ensure stability, higher performance speed and connectivity along with other user-friendly new features.

2. Uninstall Unwanted Apps
Every app you install in your phone take storage space and runs some background processes. The more storage space occupied or the more background processes running on your phone, the slower your phone is.

3. Update Apps
Always update your phone’s installed apps from App store. Try to get updates your apps when they are available in Google Play. Developers fix bugs and add features in new released versions of apps. Updated apps perform better and faster, and will less likely crash your phone.

If you follow the above recommended suggestions and tips will aid in making your Android faster and smoother while in use.