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How secure document disposal safeguards your company

Posted By Admin 12/04/2022

Use a safe document disposal service to protect your valuable data in a timely and professional manner.


Why do you require document destruction?

The first question to consider is why would you risk data security? With so many cases of consumer data being stolen by hackers, it makes excellent business sense to have a clear document disposal policy.

Because almost all organisations deal with personal data in some way, GDPR applies to almost all of them. This is true independent of company size or personnel count.

You can publicise your data security efforts by informing consumers that you have hired a professional shredding business to dispose of your documents. This helps to build trust and shows that you care about their data's protection.


What actions are you able to take?


To begin, having a policy for how you manage your company's data is a good idea. Make this a part of an employee role so that it's apparent who is in charge of this component of your company. It may not appear to be a significant task, but it is critical in the context of GDPR.


  1. Consider the numerous methods you use to store data, both physical and technological.
  2. Make sure you have a data retention policy in place. Consider how long you'll need to preserve data and then erase it when it's no longer required.
  3. What kind of data storage do you have? Is there any off-site storage of physical data? Is there a backup of electronic data? Is this information readily available?


How to Dispose of Documents


Here are some things to think about if you do need to hire a document removal company:


  1. Whether you'd prefer an on-site shredding truck to shred your documents on-site or whether you'd prefer off-site shredding.
  2. How much stuff will be shredded? This will determine if you require a shredder console, a wheelie bin, or a sack to store sensitive information prior to pickup.
  3. The frequency with which collections are made. For those significant clean-outs or archive removals, consider weekly, monthly, quarterly, or one-time collections.
  4. The cost of the service is determined by all of these criteria.


Give the specialists at Recycle Pro a call for a quote if you'd like more information on how safe document disposal may protect and benefit your company.