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How might staff training aid in the prevention of a data breach?

Posted By Admin 12/04/2022

Are you concerned about how to keep your company safe from a data breach?


Many companies are worried about the possibility of a data breach. They go to great lengths to safeguard and defend their company's data, employees, and customers. The following are some examples:


  1. Secure shredding
  2. Robust firewalls
  3. IT security updates


But did you realise that human mistake is the leading cause of data breaches? Regular data breach training for all staff is a simple method to avoid a data breach. A data breach is a serious threat that can cost you money in terms of reputation and fines. It's a problem that needs to be addressed.


So, how does employee training help to avoid a data breach?


Appointment of Data Chief


To comply with GDPR, every company should have a designated data manager who is in charge of answering any questions, reporting any data breaches, and providing training and information.


Make a security policy for your data.


This is one of the most significant steps you can take to combat data thieves. When employees have a handbook to refer to, it helps to clear up any uncertainty about how to respond to an occurrence.


Organize group training sessions on a regular basis.


Make a data security training schedule. Even if it's only once a year, it's critical to keep all staff up to date on how to avoid and address a breach as guidelines change. You might develop realistic business scenarios to assist employees visualise the difficulties they might face. These will be unique to your company. The following are some examples of potential data risks:


  1. Having a cluttered workstation – exposing documents
  2. Documents are not shredded in shredder containers.
  3. Transferring data or documents from home to the office
  4. When you click on phishing emails, you are putting yourself at risk.
  5. Passwords that are too easy to guess


Keep in mind that new personnel should be included in training sessions.


It's easy to ignore new employees when it comes to necessary training, but they must be the first to learn about corporate rules. Due to frequent personnel turnover and time constraints, many data breaches occur. Because new employees may be oblivious to how to properly handle personal information, initial training is critical.


It doesn't have to be a hassle to keep your employees informed about data security. A lot of it is simple sense, and with the right training and regular staff updates, it can be readily maintained.


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