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6 Data Breaches That Show The Value Of Data Security And Data Deletion

Posted By Admin 28/03/2022

One of the most popular services we provide at Recycle Pro is data removal. Because the bulk of the equipment returned for electronic equipment recycling contains significant company information that may be devastating if published, we believe this approach is critical.


Thieves are continually seeking for ways to gain access to your and your clients' personal information. When it comes time to retire your outdated equipment, these 6 examples of success on their behalf should inspire proper data destruction.



Data Destruction That Is Secure Prevents Surprising Breach


Our data destruction procedures go above and above the National Institute of Standards and Technology's (NIST) and HIPAA criteria.


We are able to protect electronic health information as well as the privacy of individuals protected by the Security Rule and Privacy Rule through our method. HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. Regardless of the type of business you run, data security is critical and may help you avoid damaging data breaches like these well-known events in modern businesses.


  1. Heartland Payment Systems


Heartland Payment Systems was a payroll company that served over 250,000 businesses across the US. The firm announced in January 2009 that their security has been hacked since 2008.


More than 650 financial service businesses had their security breached, and the hackers behind the operation had access to 134 million credit cards.


  1. RSA Security


RSA Security, LLC is a computer and network security firm, yet they're proof that even the most experienced hackers can be hacked. A cyber attack on their SecureID identification tokens in 2011 resulted in the theft of around 40 million employee records.


  1. Department of Veteran Affairs


The Department of Veterans Affairs maintains a comprehensive database with vital information on millions of US veterans. In May of 2006, a breach involving a stolen laptop and external hard drive exposed the personal information of 26.5 million veterans, including:


  1. Date of birth
  2. Social Security Numbers
  3. Disability Ratings


  1. Yahoo


Proper electronics recycling might assist your company avoid having all of its data exposed to hackers. Protection is important no matter how sophisticated your firm is; take Yahoo for example! Between 2013 and 2014, the internet corporation experienced 3 billion customer account breaches. Those involved's true names, dates of birth, phone numbers, passwords, and email addresses were all compromised.


All of this came to light while Yahoo was attempting to sell itself to Verizon. This breach cost the company hundreds of millions of dollars, proving that data breaches may substantially impair a company's reputation and worth.


  1. Equifax


In the financial realm, credit reigns supreme. But what happens when one of the credit bureaus' top executives is hacked?


In July 2017, 143 million people's personal information was stolen. Names, social security numbers, residences, and driver's licence numbers were all included. In addition to personal information, the credit card information of 209,000 people was stolen.


  1. Uber


The Uber hack of 2016 was not only disastrous as a hack, but it also resulted in the firing of their CSO owing to their terrible handling of the incident. The company's personal information of 57 million members and 600,000 drivers was stolen during the real crime. Soon later, it was revealed that the corporation had surreptitiously paid $100,000 to the hackers who had hacked them to destroy the data. This security failure and mismanagement came at a high cost to Uber's brand and money.


Recycle Pro's Data Destruction ensures your privacy.


Don't let sensitive information such as social security numbers or patient records get out because you didn't properly trash your data. Allow the experts at Recycle Pro to put their experience to work for you, ensuring that your company's private information remains private. Make an appointment with us today to pick up your equipment!